Mosaic after Norman Rockwell's 'Golden Rule' or 'Heaven is Integrated'

Custom Mosaic Work Available Upon Request.

“Art tells man the meaning of one world is to be found in another…”

'Theology and the Arts' by D.B. Harned

Why Angels?

Angels have been portrayed throughout time and across cultures as figures who mediate between the material world and the realm of the spirit. They minister to humans, helping to fulfill their God-given potential.

The artist Edward Burne-Jones claimed, “the more materialistic science becomes the more angels shall I paint. Their wings are my protest in favor of the immortality of the soul.”

Wings are a favorite motif in my art. Angels span cultural boundaries and make for a versatile subject.

Tag Art

As far as I know, this is original. I have collected tags for decades. Many are necessary and informative. All are mass produced to convey messages. Like the articles they are attached to, they can be combined for emphasis or to signal something novel.

The purpose of tag art is to combine traditional and commercial media. Central to my tag art is a classic image, sketched and then surrounded by tags complimentary to the composition. I have three rules:

1.) Include as many tags as possible related to the composition

2.) The central sketch must be classical in essence to contrast with and heighten the modern commercial aspects of the tags

3.) The hole on the tag must be present.